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8201 Fairview Road

Suite 200

Charlotte, NC 28210

Telephone:  980.215.8400

170 Meeting Street

Suite 200

Charleston, SC 29401

Telephone:  843.790.5300

Our Services 
  • Security Surveys and Threat Assessments
    We leverage our expertise and best-in-class tools to identify risk and design solutions that provide our clients with the information they need to manage risk effectively and efficiently.


  • Consulting Services
    Our consultants are experts in their fields.  We are trusted advisors that partner with our clients to identify, define and  achieve safety and security.


  • Strategic Planning
    Once a client's goals and objectives are established, we partner in developing a comprehensive solution roadmap and tactical plans on how to achieve them. 


  • Program and Project Management
    There are many methodologies available to manage programs and projects.  Selecting the right methodology or combination of methodologies depends on many factors.  We can recommend the best fit for our clients based on an assessment of these factors.  We can assist in identifying any upskilling needs for our client's team.  We can coach and mentor client personnel on best practices and how to manage programs and projects for maximum results.  We can handle the program and project management responsibilities on our client's behalf if needed.  The best option may differ from program to program and project to project.     

  • Change and Risk Management
    Two key considerations for success are managing the "people-side" of change and focused risk management.  Top notch program and project management only takes you part of the way.  Making a change a part of the organizational culture, reducing fear of change, aggressively managing risk are what will bring maximum value to even an already successful project.


  • Funding Strategies for Life and Safety Entities
    Law enforcement, emergency management, fire departments, and other life and safety organizations have special restrictions and opportunities when it comes to funding programs and projects.  Our team has spent decades identifying funding sources, writing grant proposals, and managing the unique reporting requirements associated with different funding sources.  We are here to help our client's work through their options and manage the results for success and transparency. 


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